Magnificent secret of many masters and champions, of leaders and role models,
where it becomes an automatic foundation of YOUR Encyclopedia of Success:

Without exception, the picture in your mind of a deed or level attained,
increases in likelihood of occurence every single time you see it done.
That means seeing it in your mind's eye before it CAN occur in reality.
"Without exception" is a term best used only after years of proof.
Every time you create an image in your mind, still or moving,
you are increasing your own probabilities and guarantees.
That means it's independent of external resources.

That provides you with a head start at the gate.
Whatever time you have left is done your way,
or else it is first done the way masters do it,
providing you education to do it your way.
If you knew it better, you'd do it better.
Take a powerful tip from champions,
all wrapped up inside of "decide:"
Decide to use more resources.
Decide to find the resolution.
Decide where you will be.

Decide when to start.
Decide with power;
The rest is chatter.

ShapeTalk PowerGem

Shapelinks may be tasty,
and Shapelinks may be fun,
but clicking past Shapelinks,
will show you how it's done.

How to reach up for a single star,
with your name emblazoned to show how far
you were born to fly but act as if you were trained to die,
let this be the one day that finds you reaching up to the sky.
This is where your strengths come in, and shortcuts to success,
Shapelinks bring you to yourself, with your every action blessed.

Enjoy the Shapelinks. After all this IS the putative Shapelinks Capital,
with many thousands of deliciously interactive shapelinks EyeCandy.
Make the most of your today, because you truthfully do not know,
nor can any rational mind know in advance, when death occurs.
That makes it all the more imperative to squeeze today.
Imitate masters and champions, then innovate.

ShapeTalk In Poetic Motion

What you do speaks so loudly we can hardly hear a word you say.
Make this tiny mathematical connection for life-changing results,
the kind of results that come very quickly, and eternally repeatable.
Knowing you can pull this out of your toolbox at will is quite self-empowering.
The level of effort is astonishingly matched by the level of repeatable results.
The level of effort is indefatigably matched by the level of repeatable results.
The level of effort is inexorably matched by the level of repeatable results.
The way to pay for the Encyclopedia of Success is for you to develop more.
Development of a human tends to include the need and wish to share more.
It is a shortcut to learn that the more you share, the more you tend to get back.
Use it to your advantage, because sharing silently, anonymously, doubles your return again.
Do not confuse this with "goody-two shoes" type of kindness, for this is infinitely more powerful.
You cannot pretend to know more, or better, than Isaac Newton, who proved that what goes up comes down.
What goes around, must come around. For reasons beyond your purview, it multiplies when it's anonymous.
Which of the PowerGems on this page will you instantly grab and repeatedly use to your own huge benefit?
Until you show that you know more, by doing more, invest your focus into great masters and champions.
Those who do it the best know it the best. Look beyond emtpy TV talkers. Look to those who do it more.
Funny that you are willing to admit there are smarter people; it's just never whomover you speak to.
When you invest just one percent more effort in everything, everything is enriched by one percent.

ShapeTalk and ShapeLinks

At this Shapelinks Corner of the Encyclopedia of Success,
be urged to pretend that you are executive producer of your life.
Oh, that's right: You actually ARE the executive producer of your life.
Less talking, more doing, because your actions speak so much louder.
Let the poetic shapetalk in your heart take what shape you pick.

More On Shapelinks Philosophy

Shapelinks is are one way to say, one hopes you have a better day.
Shapelinks truly mean to say, one hopes you MAKE it a better day.
Shapetalk and Shapelinks mean more than what meets the eye.
Shapelinks may be witty, although Shapetalk may not be neat,
Nevertheless, Shapelinks are a pleasant way for us to meet.
Reach below & beyond Shapelinks, to find PowerGems.
and you'll find that Shapelinks just may help you,
to become a MUCH-better woman or man.

Shapelinks can be helpful for girls, and grown-up women, too,
because Shapelinks is a human thing, it works with one or two.
A thousand can call on Shapelinks, but it's not the same at that,
Shapelinks are from me to you, can we keep it beneath our hat?

Shapetalk is a nation where the best come out to play,
Shapelinks takes us to the place, where we make a better way.
The best are using Shapelinks in their lives if not their words,
and they do their best to make it here, in the best of this old world.
Challenge you to Shapelinks from the inside out, to speak,
all the Shapelinks thoughts you keep inside,
let the world get its first fair peek.

Welcome to the Shapelinks Capital of the expanding internet,
your own perception and use of the Encyclopedia of Success,
yet another child and cousin of the Psychology of Shortcuts.

Shapelinks Capital - Encyclopedia of Success

Shapelinks do light the path.
Shapelinks is a way of communicating.
Shapelinks can express what words may not.
Shapelinks is a way to say, from yesterday to today,
that shortcuts and smiles inevitably lead to a better day.
Shapelinks also permits a separation of each idea, line by line.
Heed history's most record-shattering human so YOU can excel.
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, as you surely agree,
leaving today, which we know to be a gift because we call it the present.
We may not know who first coined that phrase, and yet it trumpets the truth.
So, treat each day as if it's your last, because one of these days you will be right.
If you knew better, you would do better, so it is wise to pay attention to those who do.
One certain fact of life is that those who do it better repeatedly prove they know it better.
Among your powers, proven by masters and champions, is a true grasp of this precise day.
NOT grasping this day is why you are surrounded by so many who do better than you anyway.
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, which is why we call it 'the present.'
A 24-hour gift made up of 1,440 separate minutes, separate opportunities to maintain or to excel.
No one of value is interested in much of what you think; only in what you do with what you think.
Using more of your 1,440 daily opportunities is how to embrace your Encyclopedia of Success.
Remember that the more times you ask more people to help, the more times you receive help.
The next twenty-two days of your life, accompanied by more asking, will deliver much more.
All that you find in Shapelinks is assured of being a PowerGem of masters and champions.
Speak less and do more. Engage more PowerGems to see more PowerGems engage YOU.
Once you re-enter the excellence within you, you will not settle for less from within you.
Recognize immediately that you are the one who writes and lives the script of your life.
If you are as bright as I think, review these sentences repeatedly to fully absorb them.
Only after you have read them repeatedly will you understand what is beneath the top

More Shortcuts and Shapetalk From The Encyclopedia of Success

Shapetalk.net - Next in the Shapetalk websites series. Learn the master secrets of the universe: Live your own perception of the Encyclopedia of Success

Shapetalk.com - First domain to introduce an entire website of Shapetalk PowerGems, in EyeCandy, no less...
PowerGems are the core chunks of wisdom of the Encyclopedia of Success and Healthiest Way of Living

Shapetalking.net - If the Encyclopedia of Success does not merit a shapetalking network,
if the Healthiest Way of Living earns no shapetalking network, then who fairly does?

Shapetalks.com - First extensive collection of wisdom-rich Shapetalks.

Helping Yourself Is Core To YOUR Successful Employment of the Psychology of Shortcuts
Can anyone else succeed on your behalf? Can someone win YOUR races?     "If it is to be, it is up to me"

EyeCandy presentations of the PowerGems that constitute the Encyclopedia of Success and Healthiest Way of Living:
Each has many versions, each has more than one reason, purpose, and goal in their individual constructions. Learn them.

Shapetalk and Shortcuts, mostly from the Encyclopedia of Success, and to a lesser degree, the Healthiest Way of Living,
are intended to achieve a bit more than just impressing you, pleasing you, engaging you to fill in all the colors of a page,
reaching instead to have you look inside Shapetalk to find the shortcuts, what you will find to be your best shortcuts.

Shapelinks.com - Deliciously interactive EyeCandy shapelinks: Different effects in various browsers.

Shapelinks and other EyeCandy treats take us to Encyclopedia of Success PowerGems,
the most universal shortcuts, the most proven shortcuts of masters and champions.

You will also notice on millions of MisterShortcut pages a delightful little trick,
where touching any character key on your keyboard, indeed, even upper-case,
magically transports you to yet another self-help MisterShortcut EyeCandy site.

Millions and millions of pages of exquisite wisdom, all to help YOU to help yourself,
and in hope that MisterShortcut's portion of your new wealth go to help the helpless.
Perhaps start by setting a more specific goal to be achieved before this date next year.

Maybe you will, from this moment, begin using two hands where you are now only using one.
Whichever shortcuts you choose, ensure that you use them more than you have ever imagined,
because it is only when we stretch our imagination to newer boundaries that we might ever grow.

If you continue doing things in the manner and number you have until now, your results will stagnate.

Medical definition of insanity: "Repeatedly doing the same thing the same way, expecting a different result."
If you desire to have your results see improvement, and acceleration, then the invested effort must also lift up.

Enjoy the Shapelinks and Shapetalk, with the proviso and admonition that they are mostly just bridges for your use.
If you understand that smiling more as you look more into people's eyes, you INSTANTLY become more powerful, hm?

Just observe and imitate the people who are routinely doing it better than you.
First imitate their successful recipe, THEN innovate with your own flavors.

Shapelinks.org - Informal organization formed decades ago, the Encyclopedia of Success organized Shapelinks into some Shapelinks coherence

Shapelink.info - Additional Encyclopedia of Success information Shortcuts found via sweet eyecandy hotlinks at Shapelink.info

Shortcut.ws - Sweet domain and sweeter website, mayhaps the shortcut capital of the internet, since one shortcut can be YOUR superlative shortcut

Shortcuts.me - Embracing the Encyclopedia of Success and Healthiest Way of Living with ardor, shortcuts do become me - delightful one-word domain

Shortcuts.me.uk - Showing the best shortcuts to be universal, from the UK to everywhere the Encyclopedia of Success is adopted and well-embraced

Shortcuts.ws - Premium one-word domain that gladdens the heart of your host, the Encyclopedia of Success of masters, millionaires, & champions

www.Success-Shortcuts.com - Excellence has never happened accidentally

Closely or even loosely examine the lives and achievements of the greatest, most accomplished humans.
In each and every case of sustained success, we note the persistent use of the greatest success shortcuts.
If you MUST repeat a task every day or week of your life, is it not to your huge benefit to get better at it?
Surely one percent is not too much to ask for from you, is it? More, is it too much to ask from yourself?

www.Success-Shortcuts.US - The Encyclopedia of Success is constituted of YOUR best success shortcuts

www.UniversalShortcuts.com - The Encyclopedia of Success is populated with powerful universal shortcuts

www.TotalWinning.com - The basic approach of the Psychology of Shortcuts? Total winning with great shortcuts

Shortcuts unto shortcuts from the mother ship of shortcuts,
for the health and wealth we might still deserve,
the wealth worth more than fine orchids.
Health, of course, is true wealth,
its theft so often done in stealth.
When you have one, you get the other,
and without it is worse than having no mother.

Shortcuts from other shortcuts, that's what we see,
both the Encyclopedia of Success and Healthiest Way of Living.
If Shapelinks EyeCandy appeals to you, and the look of Shapetalk,
imagine how much more appealing YOU become when you habitually use shortcuts.
In the same minutes that you now brush your hair, you can brush it twice as much,
and exercise potently, by simply picking up another brush and using both hands.
Your life is rich with shortcuts, you are actually surrounded by great shortcuts.
If you see that we do not always get what we want, you can see a flip side.
While we don's always get what we want, we often get what we expect.
Raising your expectations has a pronounced effect upon the universe.
No need to believe the Encyclopedia of Success, or other sources,
relying upon yourself instead by using this PowerGem, again.
You have used it before, when critically, urgently moved.
The Encyclopedia of Success urges the truth of urgency,
because your life is slipping past, 86,400 per day,
86,400 seconds, also known as opportunities.
The more you use, the more you may lose.
The more you invest, the more you get.
86,400 are slipping past, every day.
Try the Encyclopedia of Success,
already deep within you now.

Just bring what you know.


Encyclopedia of Success
Yields You Further Shortcuts

Use enough of your favorite shortcuts, enough times,
and those shortcuts will tend to yield further shortcuts.

This is a frequent treat of utilizing your Encyclopedia of Success.
When two or more people do it together, popcorning abounds.

Stop pretending to know more than those who repeatedly do more.
Imitating those you admire most is among the fastest of approaches,
the most efficient and effective way to repeatedly imitate their results.
Let the shortcuts you have already used well ... ... guide you to create new shortcuts.
Even if this shortcut is not a full cornerstone of the Encyclopedia of Success, it is a potent tool.
Life has long proven that the more we use our best tools, the wider becomes the reach of those tools.
Shapelinks and Shapetalk are interactive features of the Encyclopedia of Success and Healthiest Way of Living.
Repeated use of the wisdom in each Shapetalk moves you into YOUR Encyclopedia of Success and Healthiest Way of Living.
Who does best knows best. Most of those you admire are living out their own Encyclopedia of Success and Healthiest Way of Living.



Greatest Of The Greatest

- Doing Best Means More Than Knowing Best
The Healthiest Way of Living Hails QRA Practitioners As Heroes Of This Century
The Healthiest Way of Living brings many QRA websites so that all human beings can learn QRA.
If you appreciate the gift of many people of genius who wish to help you help yourself, learn QRA testing.
You immediately develop a no-doubt-about-it increased control of your health and life, to use all your lifetime.
Nothing in any test you have ever known of can prepare you for the astonishing and permanent power of QRA.
If you are not too stupid, you can forever understand how to test EVERY food or item coming into or near you.
As elegant as QRA is, even young children can EASILY be trained to do QRA testing rapidly, and accurately.
The Healthiest Way of Living avers that YOU, doing QRA at home, preclude need of many appointments.
A one-second bidigital test, an exponential expansion of Dr. Omura's GENIUS-like patented BDORT.
Everyone who can make an "0" with two fingers, anyone who can gently pull it apart as your resist,
has achieved fully half of what QRA testing is, bless Marshall & Forbes for THEIR flavor of genius.

Teach yourself how to test the energetic strength of anything on or near earth.
Using the QRA test will do the trick for you, every time, with, say, greens drinks.
If you want to know if a greens drink is going to weaken or strength you, do QRA:

Hold your thumb and any finger, preferably a weaker one,
and gently resist as a friend gently pulls the o-ring apart,
not as a contest of strength between two opponents,
just to see where your "zero point" is in the o-ring,
how much it takes to just begin to open that o-ring.

Now, gently bang the bottle of energy drink you want to test,
with the thumb and first two fingers, in a simple pincer grip.
Now, have the friend pull your o-ring apart and see the difference.
If the energy drink is good, non-toxic, the energy drink will test strong.
If the drink is energetically weak, the energy drink will test weaker.

Now, to find out if that energy drink will weaken or strengthen you personally,
test your O-ring first, then hold the bottle up against your chest or shoulders.
If the greens drink tests strong, that greens drink is going to strengthen you.
If the energy drink tests weak, that particular greens drink is not for you.
The "catch" is that the tester can make errors if their GV20 point is weak.
We fix that with 30 seconds of QCI, or one second using the supercharged QVIAL.
The QRA test is magnificent, and works on food, people, shoes, cars, EVERYTHING.
Do not underestimate the power of vastu. If you do not know about vastu, learn!!!

    Each website offers you a different coign of vantage. Millions of content-rich, unique and relevant pages for YOU.  
The Greatest Winners Route and Healthiest Way of Living share millions of pages, more than you will read throughout your lifetime
If you are trained and inclined to respect the findings and opinions of world-class masters, you will surely want to learn about QRA.
Nothing in the experience of people with astronomical IQ's can compare to the accuracy and utility, day-to-day usefulness, of QRA.
If you get nothing else from these millions of pages from the Healthiest Way of Living and beyond, at least learn QRA for yourself.
Who embraces the Healthiest Way of Living embraces QRA, and support Marshall and Forbes for a Nobel Peace Prize, for QRA.

QRAPractitioner.info - Book QRA appointments with an expert QRA practitioner now. Learn what the Healthiest Way of Living calls "body knowledge"-- QRA Practitioner
QRA-Practitioner.info - Most all but the last health challenge has proven, safer answers. The Healthiest Way of Living recommends QRA practitioners. Save your own life
QRA-Practitioners.com - The best doctors in the world surely are QRA Practitioners, if not QTA1 practitioners - Safer, natural, healthier, QRA is the hands-down winner

QRA-Practitioners.info - You can call 1-888-6004-888 from anywhere in the U.S.A. to talk with the nation's greatest, most advanced of QRA practitioners, trained in Texas
QRAPractitioners.info - Credit to all QRA practitioners who remain focused on kai-sen - unceasing improvement, David Cohen proved the best of all QRA practitioners
QRATesting.net - Of all the tests you take in your life, it is likely that QRA Testing is more important than any other, because QRA is the single most accurate of tests
Training for QRA testing is quite easy. Most humans attending QRA training require only one lesson to learn.
As you practice QRA testing with your family and friends, you will be training THEM in QRA, to use for life.
Considering all of the foolish training we undergo in life, QRA training to do QRA testing, is for YOUR best.

Everything great in life has a "catch." The catch to QRA is that the person doing the testing must be strong at GV20.
Also easy to test in a single second, testing strong at GV20 assures consistent, reliable accuracy in QRA testing.
GV20 is located at the highest point on the head, lined up with the top of the ears. Easy, simple, accurate.
20 seconds of PRL's QCI, or one-tenth of a second of our QVials, and all points temporarily strengthen.

So, why does the Healthiest Way of Living give such inordinate respect to expert QRA practitioners?
Do QRA practitioners have training and testing that favor accuracy more than allopathic methods?

Of all the Healthiest Way of Living subjects you may choose to engage, always prioritize QRA.
There is nothing like it for instantly testing weakness and strength, in yourself, and far more.
Whether you join the ranks of America's premier expert QRA practitioners, Level III, etc.,
(you should know that not all expert QRA practitioners are Texas-trained, learning solo),
or just simply learn to use the one-second bigidital test brilliantly taught by Dr. Omura,
be sure you understand that QRA is among the five most powerful tools of your life.
The Healthiest Way of Living urges you to try at least one expert QRA practitioner.
Your life will never be the same, with benefits that will delight and please you.
This is not about the QRA practitioners, however expert each may prove to be.
The Healthiest Way of Living urges you past consults with QRA practitioners,
by learning to be at least a home-spun version of expert QRA practitioners.

This QRA directory for the Healthiest Way of Living, and Shapetalk, EyeCandy, etc.,
and all the thousands of MisterShortcut health and wealth websites, and shortcuts,
is brought to you by the Healthiest Way of Living and the Greatest Winners Route

QVial minerals,
supercharged as never before in history, making EVERY body point test stronger.
365 universally-agreed meridians identified by specific point, each testing stronger.
Although the effect is temporary, bioavailability of nutrition is tempoarily at its greatest

We do not quit, at anything, because we failed. We fail as soon as we choose to quit.
One closing thought about a matter of great import to the Encyclopedia of Success:
You already know that what goes around comes around, as in “What goes up…”
Clickthrough to TheHungerSite, once for each day you get to live and breathe.
When you save dozens & then hundreds of lives, luck tends to transmogrify.
All that we do comes back to us over and again, good, bad, or indifferent.
Delight in how profoundly, how repeatedly your life is rapidly enriched.
You need not believe the Encyclopedia of Success or any one human.
The best way to confirm or deny a fact is to replicate it, repeatedly.
Click through to TheHungerSite and related HELPING websites.
AnimalRescue and RainForest, ChildHealth, or LiteracySite.
Enjoy for yourself the sweet fruits of imitating champions.

The Hunger Site
The Rainforest Site
The Animal Rescue Site
The Literacy Site
The Child Health Site

As with every act of anonymous kindness you commit, YOU win.
As we all do, you will experience some of your life’s greatest feelings.
For applause, you can sign up at care2.com & tally your clickthroughs.
It's quite a feeling when you realize you have saved hundreds of lives.
You are smart enough to know that Newton's Law works consistently.
What goes up, comes down: what goes around comes around.
Join with the Encyclopedia of Success, solving problems,
one at a time, with the best and greatest shortcuts,
universal shortcuts sweetly called “PowerGems.”


Proposed MetaTags, supporting the asseveration that Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC,
possibly the greatest QRA practitioner of all time, wizard of Brooklyn,
will long be considered, if not the single greatest naturopathic doctor of all time,
certainly AMONG the greatest naturopaths. From QRA to Ondamed, et alia,
Dr. Cohen uses the greatest technologies to attain the greatest results.
THOUSANDS of patients from a dozen countries (and growing) say so,
when they return a year or three later for an entirely different issue,
or when they send a friend, or loved one, to consult the great man
Greatest this, sure, and greatest that, we all talk about "greatest."
In Dr. Cohen's case, "greatest" almost seems an understatement.

ShapeLink Corner - Encyclopedia of Success

Shapelinks and Shapetalks take the Encyclopedia of Success a step into excellence.
Shapetalks are more than a basic pleasure.   All ShapeTalk bits are multi-layered.
Find your second, third, fifth levels; magnificent wealth is a natural extension of them.
Make it your Encyclopedia of Success, with the PowerGems within, starting with ShapeTalk.

ShapeTalk Redux - Encyclopedia of Success

The utility of Shapetalk and Shapelinks is having PowerGems in common.
Every facet of your life tends to benefit from application of your PowerGems.
ShapeTalk is not merely an idle pleasure.   All ShapeTalk bits are multi-layered.
Shapelinks carry you to PowerGems, and Shapetalk carries multiple wisdom values.
Find your second, third, fifth levels; magnificent wealth will assuredly and rapidly follow.
Engage the Encyclopedia of Success, and PowerGems within, beginning with your ShapeTalk.

At the bottom of our life pages, there is an Encyclopedia of Success, and, for life, the Healthiest Way of Living.
As soon as you realize that there are multiple meanings to that, you get to expand your mind even more.
Expanding the mind with shortcuts specifically refers to the development of your mind, your brain.
Multiple meanings are found in every piece of useful wisdom you ingest through your life.
Whether we use them or not is a daily choice - repeated.
Whatever your best decisions, repeat them mightily.
They are the story of your life, just a bit at a time.
Great daily decisions, countlessly repeated,
among your greatest secrets of success.

Shapetalk Of Dreams

BE the Encyclopedia of Success.
LIVE your own Healthiest Way of Living.
Drink some fresh water every time you wake up,
perhaps mixing in some drops of lemon, lime, or orange.
This cleanses the liver and dissolves some of the fat you've got.
Add youth & energy: Practice exhaling twice as far as you do now.
Skin and bones are best oiled from within, not without: Drink good oil.
Live longer and stronger sticking to the simple, proven ways of living well.
What you find in Shapetalk is easily enough to alter the course of your lifetime.
Enjoy Shapelinks, while looking for the PowerGems that Shapelinks point us toward.
The more you invest into YOUR Healthiest Way of Living, the more you find reciprocation.
These are master secrets of the universe, secrets and shortcuts that work almost every time.

Shapetalks.info - Second collection of MisterShortcut EyeCandy Shapetalks, where the shortcuts of masters and millionaires and the great champions are fun to learn.
Shapetalk.org - Assenting that "organization" is a relative word, Shapetalk is presented with SOME measure of organization at Shapetalk.org - Enjoy, learn, and do, more

No one can make your best decisions for you, no one can live your Healthiest Way of Living on your behalf,
any more than someone else can use the Encyclopedia of Success for you to develop your mastery with.
By trading in just ten or twenty percent of your most useless conversations, profits are accelerated.
Live your Encyclopedia of Success most by embracing your Healthiest Way of Living, naturally.
Shapelinks pages are from both Encyclopedia of Success and the Healthiest Way of Living.
Learn more so that you can live more. Improve each action by even just one percent.
While you think you understand this, only your actions can support that claim.
Allow these next 100 days of your life to be your days of greatest effort.
In return, you will obtain the greatest, best returns of your life.

Donate1click.com - perhaps the fastest site online

Shapelinks to know you, shapelinks to show you, the way of great champions and masters who show,
that the wisdom in shapelinks is found in search, because Shapelinks point out the way we might go.
Shapelinks and Shapetalk and shortcuts and more, in pursuit of bringing out the best from your core.

that the wisdom in shapelinks is found in search, because Shapelinks point out the way we might go.
Shapelinks and Shapetalk and shortcuts and more, in pursuit of bringing out the best from your core.